Month: August 2015

When I moved to the city I realized quick that I needed to figure out transportation fast.  My friend owns a Limousine Rental Company in Louisville, KY and per his recommendation I quickly downloaded the Uber app and began discovering the beauty of this transportation phenom.

Here is a quick list of why I like Uber over the regular yellow taxi:

  1. No matter where you are in the city you can always find an Uber driver
  2. Price, Price, Price.  Uber is always cheaper
  3. You can share the fare with your friends
  4. You don’t need to carry cash since you pay through the app

What this youtube video that compares a regular Taxis Company vs Uber.

I made my first visit to chinatown today and man was the food IMG_4969awesome!! As you can see I couldn’t just decide on one item so I ordered a few.  I visited a small Chinese joint call Wo Hop on the famous Mott Street.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised when I walked in to the very quaint restaurant.  It didn’t look very impressive but let me tell you the food was incredible!! I started with dumplings and then moved to General Tso and Fried Rice.  Overall I was impressed with the visit and I look forward to visiting more in the future and taking friends and family with me when they visit!

Welcome to my new website Ben Barne’s World and thank you for visiting. Im excited to be posting on here so don’t forget to check back for more posts!