My Opps

Another unfortunate thing happened while i was staying i’m my friends apartment for the visit. As you know when i got their i found bed bugs. Ew! Anyways after that was resolved another incident occurred that was my fault.

As some of you may know, or may not,  Louisville Kentucky is famous for a few different things. A few of those are the creation of the Hot Brown, the Kentucky Derby, and one thing i was very excited about which is Bourbon. Some of you may not have heard of bourbon. It is a staple in this part of Kentucky especially since many of the distilleries are near Louisville and you can actually take a Bourbon Tour and visit them. Some being Makers Mark, Jim Beam, and Woodford Reserve. Well i did just that, and it was excellent! While at one of the distilleries they also made a specialty wine that i figured id buy and try late. So I did. This is where we get to the oops part.

As i was relaxing after a hard day of taste testing bourbon i decided to relax and open the bottle of wine. Well, I didn’t have an opener. So as i was struggling with a makeshift tool it popped open and a nice amount of it spilled on the carpet. Yes, if you have ever done this you know how i was feeling. It wasn’t even my carpet! So I quickly looked up someone to come get the stain out and found a very friendly and efficient business named Louisville Carpet Cleaners. I didn’t want to have my friend do it since it was my fault and he was being kind enough to let me stay there. Not to mention he already had to get rid of some bed bugs. So learn from my mistake and don’t make a makeshift wine opener on carpet.

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