I bet you didn’t know this

So, as you all know I have a friend in Louisville, KY.  I was recently visiting and staying in one of his rental homes that wasn’t occupied at the time of my arrival.  Well was I ever surprised to find what was waiting for me when I arrived.  After a few days I began to have little bumps on my arms and legs.  After self-diagnosing my problem we discovered I had a case of the bed bugs.  I know you aren’t supposed to let them bite but let me tell you they bit and it was a horrible experience.

My friend felt terrible (and so did I) but he acted fast and called his friends at Louisville Pest Service and they came out promptly and took care of business.  I don’t live in Louisville but I just have to recommend these guys.  They were professional, fast and effective! So my live was inconvenienced for a bit but I shortly got make to my routine.  Moral of the story you ask??? Don’t stay over in your friends empty rental properties.

Learn more about bedbugs by watching this video!


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