Ben’s Visit to NYC

The Big Apple can be an exciting place to visit for anyone. As interesting as it can get, Ben’s experience in this big, fashionable city has been an exciting one. A week’s stay and he has many things to talk about. Right from the city’s skyscrapers to wine tasting, and museums, gardens, galleries, balloon tours, and many more things.

Wine tasting

Ben has been a wine connoisseur, and there were places he knew he would visit first. The breweries of Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan have always been a matter of pride for the New Yorkers. He got a tour of sample testing at all of these wineries. Most of these free tours are hosted on the weekend afternoons. Right from tasting wines, he has also tasted a variety of beers and ales.

Helicopter tour

Ben was happy to get a bird’s eye view of New York City. Right from watching the Empire state building, getting a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, to taking a guided tour of the entire city has been quite a different experience for him. He did glide upon the Hudson River, the Coney Island, and the shores of New Jersey. This has been quite an exhilarating experience for him. He never had a city’s helicopter tour before. He was happy to get a view of all the world famous buildings, parks, and water bodies in a single ride. He could have opted for the mini bus tour, but he preferred to get a helicopter tour because he loved the idea of gliding over and having a look at the city in a single go.

Water tours

Ben cruised around in the yacht and tasted the best of gourmet and made to order salmons, Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs, and waffles. He also took the shark speed boat ride and watched the Statue of Liberty again with some splashing of water. Water taxis too sounded like fun to him, so he got onto the water tours and listened to the live jazz band play the music and enjoy his favorite platter in the beautiful night.

During his vacation in New York, Ben has spent his time sightseeing and enjoying the view, cuisine, and local culture of the city in a unique way, as doing the run-of-the- mill things did not appeal to him. He also attended the euphoric theatres, circus and rides and has jotted down wonderful memories about them.

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