My trip to Ellis Island

1892_med_fullsizeThere was sunset, there was culture and there was serenity in noise. This was my experience at Ellis Island in short. The place is not only beautiful visually but it has a museum where one can spend almost an entire day.

You can reach Ellis Island by a Ferry ride which takes only about 7 to 10 minutes from offshore. If you are planning to visit this island take about a day in your hand because when I visited Ellis island I had taken a day off and I felt like that was the right decision because I wouldn’t have been able to discover the entire Island in half a day.

Ellis Island is one of those places where you want to visit for the serenity and the quietness. Many a times during our busy schedules we want a quiet escape and what better than an Island to do so? This is why it is best to visit this island as it is one of the places in America where you can see rich architectural and cultural heritage.

When I visited Ellis Island, I spotted a lot of genealogical history here. One of the things people did quite often here was search for their ancestral history. This is why this place has got many stories to tell. Right when I was in the Ferry (although you don’t need to go by a Ferry there to hear them) I heard a lot of stories about how the immigrants were treated when they visited there very first.

There are plenty of tours and travels available here. But I found that the headsets provided ample information for touring the place. It is truly one of those places we could visit over and over – because each time you visit there is something more to be found out about this place.

Whether you are a citizen of America or just there for a visit, like me, Ellis Island will have fascinating stories to tell you. On my visit to the Liberty Island, Ellis Island was close by and I couldn’t give it a miss. Now I’m glad that I didn’t – this charming place is something that fulfils the journey. It connects us to the past of America and without looking into that past we cannot really understand our present. This is why it is important for even Americans to visit the Ellis Island at least once in their lifetime.

Such a wonderful experience we had at Ellis Island. It wouldn’t matter if you are in your eighties and traveling the world or if you are in your twenties, Ellis Island is a place one needs to see at least one time in their life! It’ll make you feel so apart of once you’re there.

So, with all the above said, you need to go make some reservations and get over to Ellis Island for your next travel spot. You will not regret it, that’s for sure my friends. Great to bring the kids along also! They will thoroughly enjoy this place also.

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