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So, as you all know I have a friend in Louisville, KY.  I was recently visiting and staying in one of his rental homes that wasn’t occupied at the time of my arrival.  Well was I ever surprised to find what was waiting for me when I arrived.  After a few days I began to have little bumps on my arms and legs.  After self-diagnosing my problem we discovered I had a case of the bed bugs.  I know you aren’t supposed to let them bite but let me tell you they bit and it was a horrible experience.

My friend felt terrible (and so did I) but he acted fast and called his friends at Louisville Pest Service and they came out promptly and took care of business.  I don’t live in Louisville but I just have to recommend these guys.  They were professional, fast and effective! So my live was inconvenienced for a bit but I shortly got make to my routine.  Moral of the story you ask??? Don’t stay over in your friends empty rental properties.

Learn more about bedbugs by watching this video!


When I moved to the city I realized quick that I needed to figure out transportation fast.  My friend owns a Limousine Rental Company in Louisville, KY and per his recommendation I quickly downloaded the Uber app and began discovering the beauty of this transportation phenom.

Here is a quick list of why I like Uber over the regular yellow taxi:

  1. No matter where you are in the city you can always find an Uber driver
  2. Price, Price, Price.  Uber is always cheaper
  3. You can share the fare with your friends
  4. You don’t need to carry cash since you pay through the app

What this youtube video that compares a regular Taxis Company vs Uber.

Another unfortunate thing happened while i was staying i’m my friends apartment for the visit. As you know when i got their i found bed bugs. Ew! Anyways after that was resolved another incident occurred that was my fault.

As some of you may know, or may not,  Louisville Kentucky is famous for a few different things. A few of those are the creation of the Hot Brown, the Kentucky Derby, and one thing i was very excited about which is Bourbon. Some of you may not have heard of bourbon. It is a staple in this part of Kentucky especially since many of the distilleries are near Louisville and you can actually take a Bourbon Tour and visit them. Some being Makers Mark, Jim Beam, and Woodford Reserve. Well i did just that, and it was excellent! While at one of the distilleries they also made a specialty wine that i figured id buy and try late. So I did. This is where we get to the oops part.

As i was relaxing after a hard day of taste testing bourbon i decided to relax and open the bottle of wine. Well, I didn’t have an opener. So as i was struggling with a makeshift tool it popped open and a nice amount of it spilled on the carpet. Yes, if you have ever done this you know how i was feeling. It wasn’t even my carpet! So I quickly looked up someone to come get the stain out and found a very friendly and efficient business named Louisville Carpet Cleaners. I didn’t want to have my friend do it since it was my fault and he was being kind enough to let me stay there. Not to mention he already had to get rid of some bed bugs. So learn from my mistake and don’t make a makeshift wine opener on carpet.

The Big Apple can be an exciting place to visit for anyone. As interesting as it can get, Ben’s experience in this big, fashionable city has been an exciting one. A week’s stay and he has many things to talk about. Right from the city’s skyscrapers to wine tasting, and museums, gardens, galleries, balloon tours, and many more things.

Wine tasting

Ben has been a wine connoisseur, and there were places he knew he would visit first. The breweries of Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan have always been a matter of pride for the New Yorkers. He got a tour of sample testing at all of these wineries. Most of these free tours are hosted on the weekend afternoons. Right from tasting wines, he has also tasted a variety of beers and ales.

Helicopter tour

Ben was happy to get a bird’s eye view of New York City. Right from watching the Empire state building, getting a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, to taking a guided tour of the entire city has been quite a different experience for him. He did glide upon the Hudson River, the Coney Island, and the shores of New Jersey. This has been quite an exhilarating experience for him. He never had a city’s helicopter tour before. He was happy to get a view of all the world famous buildings, parks, and water bodies in a single ride. He could have opted for the mini bus tour, but he preferred to get a helicopter tour because he loved the idea of gliding over and having a look at the city in a single go.

Water tours

Ben cruised around in the yacht and tasted the best of gourmet and made to order salmons, Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs, and waffles. He also took the shark speed boat ride and watched the Statue of Liberty again with some splashing of water. Water taxis too sounded like fun to him, so he got onto the water tours and listened to the live jazz band play the music and enjoy his favorite platter in the beautiful night.

During his vacation in New York, Ben has spent his time sightseeing and enjoying the view, cuisine, and local culture of the city in a unique way, as doing the run-of-the- mill things did not appeal to him. He also attended the euphoric theatres, circus and rides and has jotted down wonderful memories about them.

1892_med_fullsizeThere was sunset, there was culture and there was serenity in noise. This was my experience at Ellis Island in short. The place is not only beautiful visually but it has a museum where one can spend almost an entire day.

You can reach Ellis Island by a Ferry ride which takes only about 7 to 10 minutes from offshore. If you are planning to visit this island take about a day in your hand because when I visited Ellis island I had taken a day off and I felt like that was the right decision because I wouldn’t have been able to discover the entire Island in half a day.

Ellis Island is one of those places where you want to visit for the serenity and the quietness. Many a times during our busy schedules we want a quiet escape and what better than an Island to do so? This is why it is best to visit this island as it is one of the places in America where you can see rich architectural and cultural heritage.

When I visited Ellis Island, I spotted a lot of genealogical history here. One of the things people did quite often here was search for their ancestral history. This is why this place has got many stories to tell. Right when I was in the Ferry (although you don’t need to go by a Ferry there to hear them) I heard a lot of stories about how the immigrants were treated when they visited there very first.

There are plenty of tours and travels available here. But I found that the headsets provided ample information for touring the place. It is truly one of those places we could visit over and over – because each time you visit there is something more to be found out about this place.

Whether you are a citizen of America or just there for a visit, like me, Ellis Island will have fascinating stories to tell you. On my visit to the Liberty Island, Ellis Island was close by and I couldn’t give it a miss. Now I’m glad that I didn’t – this charming place is something that fulfils the journey. It connects us to the past of America and without looking into that past we cannot really understand our present. This is why it is important for even Americans to visit the Ellis Island at least once in their lifetime.

Such a wonderful experience we had at Ellis Island. It wouldn’t matter if you are in your eighties and traveling the world or if you are in your twenties, Ellis Island is a place one needs to see at least one time in their life! It’ll make you feel so apart of once you’re there.

So, with all the above said, you need to go make some reservations and get over to Ellis Island for your next travel spot. You will not regret it, that’s for sure my friends. Great to bring the kids along also! They will thoroughly enjoy this place also.

I made my first visit to chinatown today and man was the food IMG_4969awesome!! As you can see I couldn’t just decide on one item so I ordered a few.  I visited a small Chinese joint call Wo Hop on the famous Mott Street.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised when I walked in to the very quaint restaurant.  It didn’t look very impressive but let me tell you the food was incredible!! I started with dumplings and then moved to General Tso and Fried Rice.  Overall I was impressed with the visit and I look forward to visiting more in the future and taking friends and family with me when they visit!

Welcome to my new website Ben Barne’s World and thank you for visiting. Im excited to be posting on here so don’t forget to check back for more posts!